Our Values

We believe in building communities. We prioritize personal relationships. We take the time to get to know you and are available by email and phone. You will not feel alone in your learning process.

We have a passion for teaching. No matter what age, circumstances or learning style, we are excited to work with you and make it happen.

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We want to change the perception that learning a language is hard. Everybody has the capacity to learn new skills and foreign language is no exception.

The main goals of our program are to:
encourage learners to be in control of their learning;
create opportunities for students to develop cross-cultural relations;
promote critical thinking and life-long learning.

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We offer a unique methodology for learning Spanish. We teach Spanish through digital storytelling. Every week we publish a new story in Spanish. We create an interactive and stimulating experience with the goal of teaching our members how to tell their own stories in Spanish. We build our lessons around stories that spark from real life situations. We offer our learners a tool with which to be creative.

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To have a second language is to possess a second soul


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and become a member of our Spanish-speaking community

Here at The Spanish Room we are passionate about sharing stories, connecting people from different cultures and keeping traditions alive. That is why we are so proud of our work bringing you stories from the Spanish-speaking community.

This membership not only gives you the tools you need to learn everyday Spanish from everyday people but also helps us document the stories of Spanish speakers living in the United States on our sister site “Project Spanish”.

So when you become a paying member of our community, you can feel good that not only you are learning real Spanish in a supportive environment, you are helping us collect stories from Spanish speakers living in the United States and abroad.

Project Spanish

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  • Stories with Subtitles
  • Bonus Footage
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